Sound for Film | sounddesign & re-recordmixing “Zerrissen” (2023)

Sound for Film | sounddesign & re-recordmixing “Kaffee & Kippen”

Sound for Film | trailer “Kaffee & Kippen”

Sound for Film | re-recordmixing & boom operator

Sound for Film | recording & mixing

Sound for Headphones | 3d-audio mixing & re-arrangement from Horloge Mécanique from Fabian Russ

DJ & Event | The DJ WILLI RADIO streaming festival. A stream-action from homecountry. Turn up volume and have fun!

Sound for Headphones | 3d-audio sounddesign with vocals Kristin Mäntylä

DJ & Event | that sounds like your party!

DJ & Event | twitchhighlight

mixing & recording for the song “Trees” band Blue Rising Sun

Crew United

Sound for Film Projects | dialogueeditor, sounddesigner and re-recordingmixer