William Schuhr

William Schuhr is an audio engineer, sounddesigner, dj and in general a creativ person.

Years ago he found his way to the film industry in Germany, Saxony with his passion for sound. He started as dj in his home country Burg (Spreewald) in Germany. Later he studied at SAE Institute Leipzig in Saxony and got his Bachelor degree in Audio Production for music & film. With his advanced knowledge, William starts by working as audio technican for “MDR” in Halle (Saxon/Thuringian Saale) then he jumped over for his passion sound for film to Leipzig “D-Facto Motion GmbH”. Settled in the Industry, he creates and edits the sound for tv series (ARD Degeto) and Amazon Prime originals. The latest project is “The Discounter 1&2 (AT) (prime video)” where he works as dialogue editor & foley mixer. Also, he edits and designs the sound for many tv movies like “Theresa Wolff” & “Tatort Munich”. Contract based work is also his goal. He created shortfilms like “Kaffee & Kippen” with Grandmasterproductions and gave shortmovies cinematic sound in general.

William is experienced in soundesign & editing, foleymixing and re-recordmixing. Also he worked as boomer for shortmovies.

So what will my next project be? Get in touch with me!