William Schuhr

William Schuhr is an audio engineer, sounddesigner, dj and a creativ person.

Years ago he found his way to the film industry in Germany, Saxony with his passion for sound. He started as a dj in his home city Burg (Spreewald), in Germany. Later he studied at SAE Institute Leipzig in Saxony and got his Bachelor degree in Audio Production for music & film. With his advanced knowledge, William started by working as audio technican for “MDR” in Halle (Saale) then he jumped over, because of his passion for sounddesign to Leipzig (D-Facto Motion GmbH). Settled in the Industry, he creates and edits the sound for tv series (ARD Degeto) and Amazon Prime originals. The latest project was “The Discounter 1&2 (AT) (prime video)”. Also, he edits and designs the sound for many tv movies like “Theresa Wolff” & “Tatort München”. Contract based work is one of his goals. He created shortfilms like “Kaffee & Kippen” with “Grandmasterproductions” and gave shortmovies cinematic sounds. He work with various directors in the filmscene Leipzig/Berlin. His network offers many opportunities to create your own project in sound on a big screen.

William is experienced in soundesign & editing and re-recordmixing in postproduction for Film. Also he worked as a boom operator for shortmovies, mixed the livesound for theatre (Comödie Dresden, Krystallpalast Leipzig)

So what will my next project be? Get in touch with me!